ゞthe enchanted bluff〃



the enchanted bluff- 及2何蛍

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noticed a mutinous察complaining note in it at night察quite

different from its cheerful daytime chuckle察and seeming like the

voice of a much deeper and more powerful stream。  Our water had

always these two moods此the one of sunny complaisance察the other of

inconsolable察passionate regret。

;Queer how the stars are all in sort of diagrams察─remarked

Otto。  ;You could do most any proposition in geometry with 'em。 

They always look as if they meant something。  Some folks say

everybody's fortune is all written out in the stars察don't they拭

;They believe so in the old country察─Fritz affirmed。

But Arthur only laughed at him。  ;You're thinking of Napoleon

Fritzey。  He had a star that went out when he began to lose

battles。  I guess the stars don't keep any close tally on Sandtown


We were speculating on how many times we could count a hundred

before the evening star went down behind the cornfields察when

someone cried察 There comes the moon察and it's as big as a cart


We all jumped up to greet it as it swam over the bluffs behind

us。  It came up like a galleon in full sail察an enormous察barbaric

thing察red as an angry heathen god。

;When the moon came up red like that察the Aztecs used to

sacrifice their prisoners on the temple top察─Percy announced。

;Go on察Perce。  You got that out of Golden Days。  Do you

believe that察Arthur拭─I appealed。

Arthur answered察quite seriously此 Like as not。  The moon was

one of their gods。  When my father was in Mexico City he saw the

stone where they used to sacrifice their prisoners。;

As we dropped down by the fire again some one asked whether

the Mound´Builders were older than the Aztecs。  When we once got

upon the Mound´Builders we never willingly got away from them察and

we were still conjecturing when we heard a loud splash in the


;Must have been a big cat jumping察─said Fritz。  ;They do

sometimes。  They must see bugs in the dark。  Look what a track the

moon makes 

There was a long察silvery streak on the water察and where the

current fretted over a big log it boiled up like gold pieces。

;Suppose there ever was any gold hid away in this old

river拭─Fritz asked。  He lay like a little brown Indian察close to

the fire察his chin on his hand and his bare feet in the air。  His

brother laughed at him察but Arthur took his suggestion seriously。

;Some of the Spaniards thought there was gold up here somewhere。 

Seven cities chuck full of gold察they had it察and Coronado and his

men came up to hunt it。  The Spaniards were all over this country


Percy looked interested。  ;Was that before the Mormons went


We all laughed at this。

;Long enough before。  Before the Pilgrim Fathers察Perce。  Maybe

they came along this very river。  They always followed the


;I wonder where this river really does begin拭─Tip mused。 

That was an old and a favorite mystery which the map did not

clearly explain。  On the map the little black line stopped

somewhere in western Kansas察but since rivers generally rose in

mountains察it was only reasonable to suppose that ours came from

the Rockies。  Its destination察we knew察was the Missouri察and the

Hassler boys always maintained that we could embark at Sandtown in

floodtime察follow our noses察and eventually arrive at New Orleans。 

Now they took up their old argument。  ;If us boys had grit enough

to try it察it wouldn't take no time to get to Kansas City and St。


We began to talk about the places we wanted to go to。 The

Hassler boys wanted to see the stockyards in Kansas City察and Percy

wanted to see a big store in Chicago。  Arthur was interlocutor and

did not betray himself。

;Now it's your turn察Tip。;

Tip rolled over on his elbow and poked the fire察and his eyes

looked shyly out of his queer察tight little face。  ;My place is

awful far away。  My Uncle Bill told me about it。;

Tip's Uncle Bill was a wanderer察bitten with mining fever察who

had drifted into Sandtown with a broken arm察and when it was well

had drifted out again。

;Where is it拭

;Aw察it's down in New Mexico somewheres。  There aren't no

railroads or anything。  You have to go on mules察and you run out of

water before you get there and have to drink canned tomatoes。;

;Well察go on察kid。  What's it like when you do get there拭

Tip sat up and excitedly began his story。

;There's a big red rock there that goes right up out of the

sand for about nine hundred feet。  The country's flat all around

it察and this here rock goes up all by itself察like a monument。 

They call it the Enchanted Bluff down there察because no white man

has ever been on top of it。  The sides are smooth rock察and

straight up察like a wall。  The Indians say that hundreds of years

ago察before the Spaniards came察there was a village away up there

in the air。  The tribe that lived there had some sort of steps

made out of wood and bark察bung down over the face of the bluff

and the braves went down to hunt and carried water up in big jars

swung on their backs。  They kept a big supply of water and dried

meat up there察and never went down except to hunt。  They were a

peaceful tribe that made cloth and pottery察and they went up there

to get out of the wars。  You see察they could pick off any war party

that tried to get up their little steps。  The Indians say they were

a handsome people察and they had some sort of queer religion。  Uncle

Bill thinks they were Cliff´Dwellers who had got into trouble and

left home。  They weren't fighters察anyhow。

;One time the braves were down hunting and an awful storm came

upa kind of waterspoutand when they got back to their rock they

found their little staircase had been all broken to pieces察and

only a few steps were left hanging away up in the air。  While they

were camped at the foot of the rock察wondering what to do察a

war party from the north came along and massacred 'em to a man

with all the old folks and women looking on from the rock。  Then

the war party went on south and left the village to get down the

best way they could。  Of course they never got down。  They starved

to death up there察and when the war party came back on their way

north察they could hear the children crying from the edge of the

bluff where they had crawled out察but they didn't see a sign of a

grown Indian察and nobody has ever been up there since。;

We exclaimed at this dolorous legend and sat up。

;There couldn't have been many people up there察─Percy demurred。 

;How big is the top察Tip拭

;Oh察pretty big。  Big enough so that the rock doesn't look

nearly as tall as it is。  The top's bigger than the base。  The

bluff is sort of worn away for several hundred feet up。  That's one

reason it's so hard to climb。;

I asked how the Indians got up察in the first place。

;Nobody knows how they got up or when。  A hunting party came

along once and saw that there was a town up there察and that was


Otto rubbed his chin and looked thoughtful。  ;Of course there

must be some way to get up there。  Couldn't people get a rope over

someway and pull a ladder up拭

Tip's little eyes were shining with excitement。  ;I know a

way。  Me and Uncle Bill talked it over。  There's a kind of rocket

that would take a rope overlifesavers use 'emand then you could

hoist a rope ladder and peg it down at the bottom and make it tight

with guy ropes on the other side。  I'm going to climb that there

bluff察and I've got it all planned out。;

Fritz asked what he expected to find when he got up there。

;Bones察maybe察or the ruins of their town察or pottery察or some

of their idols。  There might be 'most anything up there。  Anyhow

I want to see。;

;Sure nobody else has been up there察Tip拭─Arthur asked。

;Dead sure。  Hardly anybody ever goes down there。  Some hunters

tried to cut steps in the rock once察but they didn't get higher

than a man can reach。  The Bluff's all red granite察and Uncle Bill

thinks it's a boulder the glaciers left。  It's a queer place

anyhow。  Nothing but cactus and desert for hundreds of miles察and

yet right under the Bluff there's good water and plenty of grass。 

That's why 
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